How does Citi Custom Cash work?

Find out why the Citi Custom Cash Credit Card is gaining more and more users and making them satisfied with its services.

One of the most attention-grabbing benefits of the Citi Custom Cash Credit Card is the 5% cashback on your purchases, which is much higher than we are used to with other credit cards on the market. This benefit is offered on purchases made in eligible categories.

So, in addition to getting rewards on your purchases, you don’t have to pay an annual fee and you also get an amazing introductory APR offer. In order to make everything even more practical and simple, the Citi Custom rewards system is done automatically, so all you need to do is buy and then redeem your rewards.

Although the Citi Custom Cash Credit Card does not have many disadvantages, one of them is in terms of travelers, since the credit card does not offer many benefits in this modality, which means that if you are always out of the country, other cards can offer more advantageous options.

As you can see, the Citi Custom Cash Credit Card is a simple and optimized card that guarantees its users many benefits and practicality.

Learn more details about the cashback program for Citi Custom Cash

The Citi Custom Cash cashback system is very easy and designed to make the user’s life easier. This system is divided into 10 different categories, which are:

  • Entertainment;
  • supplies;
  • Trip type;
  • Traffic;
  • Gas station;
  • Drugstores;
  • DIY stores;
  • streaming services;
  • Fitness Clubs;
  • Restaurants.
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Thus, with each purchase made on your credit card, one of the above categories will be selected automatically, recording and accumulating your cashback points. In the higher reward tiers you receive 5% cashback, until you reach the $500 threshold.

In the other categories you will receive cashback points and a higher limit, however with an offer of 1% in prizes every billing cycle.

Main benefits for Citi Custom credit card

But the cashback program is just one of the benefits offered by the Citi Custom Cash Credit Card. See some more of them below:

  • It has no annuity.
  • 5% cashback on higher reward tiers.
  • 1% cashback on purchases in all other categories.
  • $200 cask as a welcome bonus.
  • 0% APR Introductory Bonus.
  • Low interest rates even after the introductory offer period ends, ranging from 14.24% to 24.24%.
  • Citi Entertainment Access;
  • Approximation Payment;
  • Free FICO credit score check.

Cons of the Citi Custom Cash

Like every credit card, Citi Custom Cash also has some downsides, such as its low rewards limit of $500 on 5% cashbacks, which means you’re likely to reach that limit quickly.

After reaching this limit, you will receive the 1% cashback as in the other categories, which is considerably less than other Citi credit cards.

What is the signup bonus?

For you to definitely understand the signup bonus system, let’s explain it in more detail.

After spending your first $750 on purchases within the first three months of using the card, you will receive a $200 cashback in the form of 20,000 points. Plus, you get 0% interest on your purchases for the first 15 months.

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