Fit Mastercard Details

Learn about the main details and advantages of Fit Mastercard and how it can be useful in rebuilding your credit score.

The Fit Mastercard ® credit card is offered by the Bank of Missouri and you can apply for it anywhere in the US. This credit card is the ideal option for people who don’t have a good credit score and are looking to rebuild it.

In other words, if you are aiming to have a better credit score and get more credit card opportunities and all the perks that a good score can offer, Git Mastercard can help you with that task.

That’s because its application process is easy and fast, being very simple to get your approval. In most cases, you already have a 100% chance of being approved, and you can start using your credit card to increase your score.

See some more benefits that Fit Mastercard can offer and how to request yours!

What not to do to hurt your credit score?

As stated in the topic above, Fit Mastercard can help increase your score, but for that to happen, it is important to take some care and make your payments on time.

That’s because some things can affect your credit score negatively and to help you avoid them, here’s what they are:

  • Delays or missed payments: always try to pay your debts by the due date.
  • Unused Credit Accounts: Keeping unused credit accounts can negatively affect your credit score.
  • Avoid using up all your available credit every month, this does not help improve your credit score.
  • Don’t make too many credit applications in a short time, after all, this will hurt your score for months.

These are the main things to avoid doing when applying for your Fit Mastercard to consistently and safely increase your credit score.

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What Are the Benefits You Will Have with the Fit Mastercard?

In addition to being a credit card with practically a 100% chance of approval, Fit Mastercard offers several other advantages and, like any credit card, some disadvantages. See the pros and cons of Fit Mastercard.


  • Almost 100% chance of approval when applying for your Fit Mastercard.
  • A good initial credit limit (when you get your Fit Mastercard approved you get a $400 credit limit).
  • Monthly reports for the three major credit bureaus: TransUnion, Experian, Equifax. This directly contributes to improving your score.
  • At the end of the first semester of using Fit Mastercard, you have the possibility to double your monthly limit without paying any additional fees.
  • Free and unlimited access to your credit score.
  • Managing your finances through the mobile app.
  • Zero fraud liability, which eliminates the need to pay for purchases you haven’t made.

Cons :

  • Fees: Fit Mastercard charges a monthly fee of $6.25 and an annual fee of $99. Additionally, a one-time administration fee is charged when applying for your $89 credit card.
  • Fit Mastercard does not offer any rewards program.
  • It has no sign-up bonus.
  • Fit Mastercard charges a foreign transaction fee of 3% of the value of each US dollar transaction.

Even though it has some downsides, the Fit Mastercard remains one of the best credit card options for people with low or no credit scores looking to rebuild.

How Does FIT Mastercard Work?

Fit Mastercard is an excellent unsecured credit card option with easy approval. In addition, the Fit Mastercard has a good credit limit and the possibility of doubling it at the end of the first six months of use.

Fit Mastercard also has credit protection, online management, mobile application and monthly reports for the three main credit agencies in the country, favoring the increase of your credit score.

If you want to apply for your Fit Mastercard credit card, see how you can do it below.

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